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Department's Bulletin!

Good News! For the month of December, 2017 and for the first week of January, 2018  Washington Math Science Technology PCHS is in fourth place, city wide, in VOCABULARY.COM’s vocabulary bowl. All English students are participating in weekly vocabulary assignments from this website, encouraging all of our students to access this site, practice new vocabulary, and take quizzes to strengthen word mastery.  Students access the site on their phones or on computers. Congratulations to all students!!

On November 28, 2017, thirty four students attended a program at the National Gallery in Washington, DC. The students investigated subject matter, technique, and patronage throughout the ages to understand how cultural context affects the form, style, and meaning of objects. The workshop focused on the development of the figure in European and American painting from the late Byzantine period to the early twentieth century. Students honed their skills in careful observation, interpretation, and essay writing through a variety of guided activities. This program was particularly highlighted for students of International Baccalaureate programs.