Fraternities in the USA: 10 truths

Ah, the fraternities in the USA… They are always known because of their countless films and series…

I’m sure if you’ve seen Project X, Neighbors, American Pie or any other film of that kind!

Fraternities, fraternities for men or sororities or brotherhoods for women, are social organizations in colleges and universities. Most of them are located in the United States.

As much as they may vary a little, they always share 5 things in common:

  • The Secret. Like that number one Fight Club rule. You don’t talk about the Fight Club;
  • Single-sex association, that is, just boys or just girls;
  • New members joining based on a two-part selection process known as rushing and pledging. I will talk more about this later

Sex, swimming pools, and education

Once upon a time, there were two girls aged 7 and 9 living in Switzerland and attending public school.

Their parents, thinking that putting them in a pool with boys was an attack on the honor of the cats, barred them from swimming lessons.

Filed by the authorities, they went to court, claiming that their freedom of conscience and religion and their right to educate their daughters according to their convictions were being challenged.

The litigation reached the European Court of Human Rights, which was decided recently.

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