If your parents caught you drawing all the time and, to this day, you still have the vocation to create one or another bokep anime, maybe you should consider illustration and its derivatives as a professional activity.

In this sense, you have different options within the educational system that allow you to obtain an official title, one of those is the title of Artistic Education of Higher Level Training Cycle in Illustration, but if you have already finished the FP and you feel like taking a step further, the university is a sure way that will open doors for you!

Here are 5 careers that will put you in contact with the world of illustration and drawing!

5 careers related to drawing

Of course, some of the ones we will mention have more artistic purposes, while others apply this activity to more practical social needs. Whatever your artistic inclination, you are sure to find one that suits you:

1- Fine Arts:

Esta carrera es la reina del arte y la creación: todo un clásico. Su objetivo es dotar a los alumnos de los conocimientos teóricos necesarios para que los integren en su carrera artística. Es necesario mostrar interés por la evolución de las disciplinas artísticas y del pensamiento intellectual.

2- Architecture

The house you live in has been designed by a real draftsman: an architect. Through this degree, your ability to draw will have an impact on the world of housing, where it is important to act creatively and flexibly. The degree enables the student to use various techniques of graphic expression. It also provides training in accessibility, sustainability, and art history.

3- Graphic design

Graphic design is a discipline that includes an illustration. At the same time, it incorporates 2D graphics. In this degree program, students work on issues such as creativity, advertising, corporate identity, project management, campaigning, etc.

4- Digital Animation

This career focuses on the creation of moving images, through tools and programs used on the computer. Afterward, you can work your way through other paths such as video games, children’s cinema, and even make bokep anime for adult cinema.

5- Art History

A solid knowledge of the artistic currents that have preceded you throughout history will help you to create in a richer way. Creation can also be understood as a dialogue between works, regardless of the era they come from. In other words: theoretical training will help you to reflect before you put on the creative artist’s chip.